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PinkheartTM is a new kind of wood trademarked by the US Trademarks and Patents Office.

PinkheartTM wood is wood whose naturally rosy glow has been enhanced to produce a true pink coloration, similar to the strong pink color that occurs naturally in certain rare types of wood such as Pink Ivory and Box Elder. Unlike the pink coloration of Pink Ivory, whose color tends to fade, the color of PinkheartTM is designed to last. 

The treatment process includes an application of propriety ingredients mixed with artesian water naturally sourced from the Sourland Mountains of New Jersey. The treatment is applied to locally-sourced types of lumber that are commercially available. Softwoods such as fir, pine, and spruce are used as the base since the porous nature of such coniferous woods readily absorbs and accepts the treatment. Following treatment, the wood is sealed with a clear water-based urethane to lock-in the color. The restult is that the wood's natural rosy glow is highlighted and enhanced to produce lasting blush and true pink tones along the vertical grains. Hand treatment of the application by skilled artisans ensures an attractive and natural-looking heartwood/sapwood effect.

Advantages of PinkheartTM include good color retention, non-toxic treatment, use of non-endangered species, and a beautiful and unforgettable look that is found in nature in very small quantities but is now available on an affordable scale.

PinkheartTM is ideal for panneling, wainsoting, ceilings, trim, shelving, and furniture. As with most softwoods, it is best used for indoor applications. Exterior applications are not recommended.  

Hello! I am Dr. Mary Albanese. I have always loved the colors of exotic woods, particularly the pink found in woods such as Box Elder and Pink Ivory. When building my house, I searched for lumber with true pink patterns to line a cathedral ceiling. I found it didn't commercially exist. To get it, I had to develop it.

Now you can get it, too!

For information on sourcing PINKHEARTTM  please contact:





The world's first PINKHEARTTM  ceiling.



The cheery tone of PINKHEARTTM 
Where will you use it? 


Mary Albanese