Anabel, an unwanted girl learns how in 1915 her grandmother Maisy ran away from her controlling mother to the wild west. Maisy traveled through rough mountain passes and even rougher towns, gathering other runaway girls desperate for freedom. They formed their own traveling all-girl rodeo show and worked their way across the Oregon Trail. But taking on a man's world came with a price that cost Maisy everything. It is only after grandmother Maisy has shared her story with young Anabel that these two broken souls learn to mend.

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"Gathering Daisies" theme song written for the audio-book (coming soon). Performed by members of the Lambertville Acoustic Music Players: Mary Gorman, Bonnie Berkmeier, Linda Sinclair, Maureen Cruice, and Mary Albanese. "Gathering Daisies" song copyright Mary Albanese, 2019. 

Cover image courtesy of Bob Wade Copyright 1979.

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