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Have you ever experienced a really bad date?
THE CHAT-UP GUYS is the story of Hughett Prigget the first, a jobless actor, who gets saddled with the irrepressible Marty DeLucco, another broke actor that gets them both hired as speed-daters for a love match service that is desperately short of men. Trustworthy Hugh is deeply conflicted about deceiving the women, while Marty thinks he's found his true calling as a professional love rat. For both men, the worst thing to happen would be to fall in love. How could Hugh possibly start a relationship based on a lie? As for Marty, it could end the best job he's ever had. But they do fall madly in love, propelling them into situations and journeys of the soul that neither one could have imagined.
This is a dream buddy project for actors seeking to showcase their comic talent and range. By launching into the cringe-worthy side of dating, the comedy has broad audience appeal for everyone who has faced or tried to avoid the unstoppable train-wreck that is love.

(( my real life chat-up guys ))


Hughett Prigget The First is a jobless actor, who gets conned into housing the irrepressible Marty DeLucco, another  broke actor who gets them both "acting" jobs. Unfortunately, the job is as speed-daters for a love match service that is desperately short of men.

Trustworthy Hugh is deeply conflicted about deceiving the women, especially when he meets the bookish Helen, so shy and overwhelmed by the session that she hides in the hallway until Hugh rescues her. They agree to see each other again, and on the follow-up date, Helen senses Hugh is withholding something. Hugh attempts to tell her he’s got no job, but when they get interrupted, Hugh sees it as a sign that he has no right to pursue Helen until he has something to offer her. Hugh quits speed-dating, but is too ashamed to see Helen again until he gets a good acting job, which despite his talent, eludes him.

With no money and no job, Hugh drives Marty crazy with his moaning and groaning about his failures and missed chance with Helen, and spends his time spouting heart-felt quotes from Hamlet since his own miseries allow him to understand Shakespeare’s most tragic of tragedies.

Marty, on the other hand, enjoys all the perks of dating buckets of women, including the wild and crazy Ginger who claims to be an artist. Marty convinces Hugh to pose  for Ginger, but is surprised when she shows up with no materials and makes no statue. Despite her artistic delusions and her "invisible" sculptures, Marty falls for Ginger and decides to quit speed-dating to spend all his time with her. To court Ginger’s favor, Marty uses his wheeling-dealing skills to promote her art "show," although he isn’t expecting the sculptures, even they even exist, to be very impressive.
Everyone attends the show including Helen, and their secrets spill out and collide -- Marty’s love for Ginger, Hugh’s love for Helen, the boys’ jobless poverty and their embarrassing speed-dating past. They also discover Ginger’s statues are real, including a huge realistic statue of Hugh’s bum. To Hugh’s horror, the monolith of his behind is purchased by the City of New York Museum and Hugh flees in shame to see he has become New York’s "official asshole."
Hugh retreats to his apartment, disgraced and alone until Marty shows up with Ginger and Helen in tow. Helen divulges that she is a fraud, too, since she is not really the librarian Hugh thought she was but a penniless dreamer who wants to direct theatrical plays. She even has a project in mind with a partial cast, but can’t find a producer. 
With the proceeds from her art sale, Ginger offers to produce Helen’s play. But Helen still needs her lead actors. How can she possibly direct Hamlet without finding the perfect prince of Denmark?
And so by working together they can all achieve their art’s desires, as well as their heart's.

Want to see the full script? Click here to drop me a line.