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SEVEN HORSES AND A COW is a story about a group of runaway girls from the American west. When they can't get into Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, they form their own travelling rodeo show ready to take on the west in their own way. But is the wild west ready for them? Chosen for Necessary Fiction's daily dose of something intriguing to think about. Check it out at:
Status: currently being submitted for publication.

PHONEY BLOOD? is the story of wrestling champion Ox Anderson. The original "bad boy" of the wrestling ring, Ox invented  the body slam, won two world titles in the mid 1960's, and was one of the very first (if not the very first) professional wrestlers to integrate the sport when he matched up against his good friend, Tiger Conway, a black wrestler who was supported by Martin Luther King.  Ox's frank account of his life in and out of the ring reveals an insider glimpse into a very different world. 
It was a memorable experience interviewing Ox Anderson for this project back in 1998. I enjoyed sitting in his house in Sandy, south of Salt Lake City in Utah, listening to him relate the stories of his life while his gracious wife Erna Dean made soup and sandwiches. Married at the age of 16, Erna Dean was the first wrestler's wife to be inducted into the wrestler's hall of fame. Ox was delighted with the manuscript I wrote based on our interviews. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a publisher for the project, and Ox died a few years later, after a life well-spent doing what he loved the best -- raising a fine family while he charted wrestling history.

YOUR TRUCK OR MINE: Four women in a small town collide as they struggle with old boyfriends, new affairs, and each other's lives. But when a mysterious newborn baby is found abandoned in a public sink, it seems that one has cracked harder than the rest. But which one? Book manuscript available. 


THE BIG BLUE is a gentle children's picture book about respect for the world and each other. With it's uplifting theme about the unbreakable bonds of family, industry professionals have called it a "powerful story." The illustrations, tactile and collaged with layers of fabric and paper, have been described as "beautiful and unique." It is the sort of story young children will want to hear over and over, and grandparents and parents may be happy to share.  Written and illustrated by me, Mary Albanese, this is a project that would appreciate a nice home with a publisher. In the meantime, please enjoy this funky and rather badly-pixelated electronic version.

Read THE BIG BLUE here
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