Get to Know Me

Hi, my name is Dr. Mary Albanese, and I’m an author, artist, producer, screenplay writer, and lover of nature who has been writing for more than 30 years. I’m moved by tales about people facing mind-numbing obstacles and overcoming challenges with style. I’ve lived in the cold frosty winters of Alaska, the high hills of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, and the ancient oak forests of England. Each place has imparted its own magic, fed my imagination, and fueled my stories. Come join me, and see where the journey takes you.

Dr. Mary Ross

I’m also known as Dr. Mary Ross, author, illustrator, and psychic sketch artist. I operate as a psychic “camera,” bringing the faces of spirits from the other world to ours.

I’ve worked with medium Loraine Rees. As a medium, she serves as a psychic telephone, bringing messages from the other side. Don’t believe me? Check out my work with Loraine Rees – if you dare!

Dr. Mary Albanese