Short Films and Videos

Aside from writing, I’m also passionate about creating videos. Watch my short films on YouTube for a look at my work.

Ian and Debbs

A shy man finds love but screws it up in the worst way possible.

The Lady in White

When four bumbling ghost hunters try to film ghosts to achieve fame, they get more than they bargained for.

My Life in a Blue Elf Suit

Comedy short spoof – Avatar meets Naked Guns when our legless hero Drake Smelly must decide whether to journey to the alien planet Fedora to spy on the savage blue elves for the greedy corporate suits of his native planet Earth. Want to see the full feature-length film? So do we. Join our team’s quest to bring this comedy entertainment as a feature film to audiences everywhere. Avatar sequel? You decide.

The Christmas Reindeer

A woman who hates Christmas moves to Florida to escape it but finds a baby reindeer and gets more than she bargained for. It includes seven original musical numbers and a screenplay summary.

Paint Like Sydney Laurence (With Instructor Mary Albanese)

A group of Alaskan Laurence-style artists recreates iconic works of landscape painter Sydney Laurence right before your eyes. Find out more about this beloved 1930s Alaskan artist who captured and immortalized the misty mountains and majesty of “the last frontier,” and watch recreations of his works come to life.


A seasoned cop must get inside the mind of the hammer killer or be his next victim.

NOTICE – Age-restricted video (requested by the uploader).

The All-Girl, No-Man Little Darlin’s

Cowgirl fiction from the American West. Embrace your inner cowgirl and go on a journey of adventure and discovery with the Wild West rodeo team called The All-Girl, No Man Little Darlin’s. In 1915, Maisy runs away from an arranged marriage and meets other girls yearning for freedom. They form their own traveling rodeo show, hungry to choose their own lifestyle and tame the Wild West on their own terms.
Their brushes with fame and glory urge them on. But things go terribly wrong when one of them defends herself and is sentenced to hang. It’s up to Maisy to do the unthinkable. Damaged, she retreats into her shell. It is only after she’s old and gray and has shared her story with her lonely granddaughter Anabel that Maisy is finally free of the sins of the past. Maisy passes the cowgirl torch onto young Anabel, the last of the Darlin’s. Together, the old woman that time forgot and the young girl nobody wanted learn to find courage, self-respect, and forgiveness.

Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping the Wild Heart of Alaska

This is an inspiring story about a jobless teacher who became an arctic explorer. “If at first you don’t succeed, try something that’s harder.” Book by Mary Albanese, published by Epicenter Press.

Lucy the Chihuahua Sled Dog

Arctic sled dogs come in all sizes. Lucy, the sled dog chihuahua, dreams of an adventurous life after reading Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping the Wild Heart of Alaska.

Deep Inside the Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light

In the wake of the pandemic, we enter a new spiritual era. What does it mean for humanity? How will mankind evolve? Medium Loraine Rees channels passages from the universal God to deliver a new gospel for the spiritual awakening of mankind. Find out: Why did the pandemic happen? What are we to learn from it? Find out how you can learn to release your inner light to join an exciting new direction for the human race.

Crazy for the Crown

Crazy for the Crown is a documentary that follows three bumptious sisters who guide a group of young women through the hurdles of the beauty pageant world.