Intriguing Stories of Alaska

With its beautiful landscapes and majestic wildlife, Alaska is a thrilling backdrop for inspiring tales. My stories of Alaska feature feats of courage and inner strength.

Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping the Wild Heart of Alaska

A young upstate New York woman begins an adventure of a lifetime as she moves away from her safe and conventional path. She is unable to resist the excitement and challenge of a chance to become a geological explorer in Alaska, where she maps remote wilderness areas and journeys to the depths of her own heart.
This memoir is full of rich and eccentric characters with human failings. This landscape reveals the courage and sacrifice of the author’s “family” of visionary explorers who mapped the wild state. Surviving dangers most people will never face, the author persists in the face of hardships and loss.

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Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon Book
Kira An Alaskan Peregrine Falcon A Coloring Book

Kira, an Alaskan Peregrine Falcon: A Coloring Book

This coloring book tells the true story of Kira, an injured peregrine falcon that was rescued by volunteers from the Juneau Raptor Center in Alaska. Surviving her injuries, this incredible bird went on to become an important part of the center’s educational work in helping people better understand and appreciate Alaska’s amazing birds of prey.

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Paint Like Sydney Laurence (With Instructor Mary Albanese)

A group of Alaskan Laurence-style artists recreates iconic works of landscape painter Sydney Laurence right before your eyes. Find out more about this beloved 1930s Alaskan artist who captured and immortalized the misty mountains and majesty of “the last frontier,” and watch recreations of his works come to life.

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