A Selection of Stories for Kids

I’ve written inspiring and heartwarming stories for kids. Browse my work and find great tales that are suitable for your child’s age range.

The Big Blue

A boy learns from his wise grandfather that to love nature is to care for it. Embracing the bonds of family love, The Big Blue can be enjoyed by children and shared with parents and grandparents to warm the hearts of every generation.
The Big Blue Book
The Girl With Ten Names

The Girl With Ten Names: My Escape from Laos to Freedom

In 1979, eight-year-old Choua Lee, a Hmong girl, was forced to flee from her mountain village in Laos with her family. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, they faced gunfire from guerrilla fighters, starvation, and land mines. Traveling on foot through the jungles and high mountain rainforests, Choua was separated from her sisters and feared she would never see them again. Crossing the Mekong River into Thailand, the family was reunited at the Ban Vinai Refugee Camp, funded by the United Nations.
After eight months in the refugee camp, they made their way to the United States to freedom. Here, on the other side of the world, Choua and her family made a brand-new life for themselves. This is a story of the courage and determination of a girl and her family and their love that burned so bright that it guided them through a dangerous time. Written with simple language, the story is suitable for pre-teens as well as young adults and a speedy but satisfying read for adults.

Kira, an Alaskan Peregrine Falcon: A Coloring Book

This coloring book tells the true story of Kira, an injured peregrine falcon that was rescued by volunteers from the Juneau Raptor Center in Alaska. Surviving her injuries, this incredible bird went on to become an important part of the center’s educational work in helping people better understand and appreciate Alaska’s amazing birds of prey.
Kira An Alaskan Peregrine Falcon A Coloring Book

The Christmas Reindeer

A woman who hates Christmas moves to Florida to escape it but finds a baby reindeer and gets more than she bargained for. It includes seven original musical numbers and a screenplay summary.